Game of Love

There is no doubt that the arena of romantic relationships is one of the most challenging and confusing for so many people. Although there may seem to be an almost infinite number of challenges that couples face in their relationships, there are only 5 fundamental issues underlying the vast majority relationship challenges. These are the 5 relationship destroyers. Almost every single one of the multitude of problems that couples face in their relationships can be traced back to one of these 5 underlying issues.

The 5 Relationship Destroyers

  1. Mistaking infatuation for love.
  2. Pursuing unrealistic relationship myths and fantasies.
  3. A poor understanding of the mechanics and function of relationships.
  4. A juvenile self-centered and acquisitive attitude.
  5. Insufficient self knowledge and understanding.

If you are being challenged in your romantic relationship, examine each of the 5 fundamental underlying issues to see which might be responsible. By identifying the underlying issue responsible for your particular challenges you will have a clear and effective path to correct problems and save your relationship.

The good news is that dealing with our challenges at such a fundamental level is not a temporary band-aid like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Changes made at this level produce far reaching and permanent transformative effects, both in our lives and in our relationships.

There is a separate article dedicated to each of the 5 relationship destroyers. You can find the links contained in the list above. Make sure to read all 5 articles before making a determination as there may be some overlap or combination of issues occurring. And last of all remember that being able to identifying and understanding the cause of a problem is more than halfway towards a solution.


Graham has invested more than four decades exploring personal and spiritual development. His natural curiosity and dedication to the pursuit of wisdom has given him a deep understanding of human behavior and human development, making him a sought after teacher and mentor for those looking to accelerate their growth or strive for a more direct experience of their true (spiritual) nature. Graham’s studies have included psychology, philosophy, physiology and chemistry, and he has a keen interest in many areas of scientific research. He has also explored several mystic traditions and studied spiritual teachings from around the globe. Graham and his wife Monika are co-founders of the Global Awakening Institute. They provide consulting, coaching and mentorship to those looking to master the art of building lasting love and truly resilient relationships.

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