wounded love


An incomplete understanding of what it is to love and be loved limits our perspective and creates challenging dynamics in our relationships that point back to our lack of knowledge and understanding. Most people think that finding the right person to love is the difficult part, and that loving them comes easily. In reality the opposite is true, finding someone to love is relatively easy, but learning to love them completely is the truly difficult task. Another misunderstanding is that Love is an emotion, when in fact it is the absence of judgment and emotion, the complete and utter acceptance and appreciation of what is, as it is.

An incomplete understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of relationships results in us making incorrect assumptions about the nature of the challenges we experience, and limits our capacity to overcome those challenges because we are confused about their true origin. The fact that our relationships with others reflect the relationship that we have with ourselves is probably the best example of this, and is very often overlooked when facing challenges in our relationships, causing partners to blame and resent each other for dynamics in their relationship that are really an extension of how they perceive themselves. Also often misunderstood is that experiencing challenges in a relationship does not mean that the relationship is broken or failing, it simply indicates that the relationship has correctly assumed it’s role of driving our personal growth and individual empowerment.

The better we understand love and relationships, the better we are at building sustainable relationships. Connect with us at Global Awakening Institute to find out about our incredible Relationship Wizardry™ Master Classes and Mentorship Programs that explore the underlying dynamics and mechanics of Love and Romantic Relationships in great detail to empower you with the most complete understanding possible.


Graham has invested more than four decades exploring personal and spiritual development. His natural curiosity and dedication to the pursuit of wisdom has given him a deep understanding of human behavior and human development, making him a sought after teacher and mentor for those looking to accelerate their growth or strive for a more direct experience of their true (spiritual) nature. Graham’s studies have included psychology, philosophy, physiology and chemistry, and he has a keen interest in many areas of scientific research. He has also explored several mystic traditions and studied spiritual teachings from around the globe. Graham and his wife Monika are co-founders of the Global Awakening Institute. They provide consulting, coaching and mentorship to those looking to master the art of building lasting love and truly resilient relationships.

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