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Love and Happiness Through Personal Evolution

Learn how to find and keep REAL LOVE

Relationship Wizardry™ re-organizes the way you think about relationships to maximize your Fulfillment and minimize Friction.

Personal Growth Wizardry™ shifts your Perspective to access the most Benefit and Opportunity in life with the least Effort and Discomfort.

Supercharge your life by mastering two of the most important arenas of life, Personal Growth and Relationships. Failure to master personal growth or  romantic relationships results in immensely challenging situations and circumstances in your life which frustrate and diminish your sense of happiness and fulfillment. Free yourself from society’s juvenile and unrealistic myths and fantasies. Find lasting happiness and fulfillment by living the life that you dream about.

Human Relationships Drive Personal Growth and Empowerment.

Personal Growth and Empowerment Builds better Relationships.

Graham and Monika Burwise

Our relationship and personal growth wizardry is a unique synergy of cutting edge modern scientific knowledge and timeless wisdom curated and evolved over a combined 50 years of experimentation and application in our own lives. It has proven to be an incredibly potent catalyst for personal growth and empowerment, as well as a powerfully transformative influence in personal relationships.

We believe human potential is limitless.

Let’s take it to the next level together.

Relationship Wizardry

Transform any Relationship

Growth Acceleration

Get to where you want to be in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort.

Analysis & Rehabilitation

Identify and overcome the challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from realizing your dreams.

RoadMap & Planning

Map out a clear path to achieve the vision that is calling to you.