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The 1st Relationship Destroyer – MISTAKING INFATUATION FOR LOVE.

Mistaking infatuation for love is quite literally the first relationship destroyer because all romantic relationships begin with at least some level of infatuation. Infatuation itself is not a bad thing, as long as you know what you’re dealing with and avoid losing yourself in it. Yes, the more you surrender to it the better the emotional high you get, but are you prepared for the equal and opposite emotional low that inevitably follows when the infatuation wears off? And make no mistake, it will! What you are feeling is NOT TRUE LOVE, no matter what your friends, your grandma, or some deluded romantic poets think!

The only way to escape this monster is to go beyond the fantasy in our head and get to know the real person we’re infatuated with in order to build a lasting deeper connection. Liking the good stuff about someone and ignoring their imperfections is easy but unsustainable, to stay anchored in reality we need to unpack everything and learn to accept and appreciate it all as part of the complete person they are. Sounds easy right? Let me tell you, learning to accept and love someone that completely is the most difficult thing that you will ever be called upon to do in your entire life. But if you succeed it is also the most rewarding thing you will ever have done. Not only will you have learned to truly love them as they are, but by extension you will also have learned to love yourself more completely.

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Graham has invested more than four decades exploring personal and spiritual development. His natural curiosity and dedication to the pursuit of wisdom has given him a deep understanding of human behavior and human development, making him a sought after teacher and mentor for those looking to accelerate their growth or strive for a more direct experience of their true (spiritual) nature. Graham’s studies have included psychology, philosophy, physiology and chemistry, and he has a keen interest in many areas of scientific research. He has also explored several mystic traditions and studied spiritual teachings from around the globe. Graham and his wife Monika are co-founders of the Global Awakening Institute. They provide consulting, coaching and mentorship to those looking to master the art of building lasting love and truly resilient relationships.

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