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The 4th Relationship Terminator – A JUVENILE SELF-RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE

People with a juvenile understanding of themselves and the world around them tend to have a particularly self-righteous attitude, always assuming that their perspective on things is correct and that everyone else is either wrong or crazy. Such unaccommodating views mean they see prospective romantic partners as having potential once they have been fixed, and then proceed to try to impose their priorities and values on them in an attempt to fix them.

Juvenile people also often blame others for their challenges to avoid taking personal responsibility. In the romantic relationships arena, a trademark of juvenile adults is the characteristic cycle of infatuation and resentment, flip-flopping between intense feelings of being “in love” and equally intense resentment or even hatred. Juvenile adults tend to be emotionally volatile and addicted to drama, typically believing that the emotional high of “falling in love” is the ultimate human experience. Their avoidance of personal responsibility means they also avoid learning from their challenges, and their strong tendency to exclusively seek out pleasure and avoid discomfort means that they often avoid potentially growthful situations altogether. This does not encourage the evolution of their own growth, or that of their romantic relationships, and faced with the inevitable challenges they are far more likely to just move on rather than to stay committed and find a way to make their relationship work.

Graham has invested more than four decades exploring personal and spiritual development. His natural curiosity and dedication to the pursuit of wisdom has given him a deep understanding of human behavior and human development, making him a sought after teacher and mentor for those looking to accelerate their growth or strive for a more direct experience of their true (spiritual) nature. Graham’s studies have included psychology, philosophy, physiology and chemistry, and he has a keen interest in many areas of scientific research. He has also explored several mystic traditions and studied spiritual teachings from around the globe. Graham and his wife Monika are co-founders of the Global Awakening Institute. They provide consulting, coaching and mentorship to those looking to master the art of building lasting love and truly resilient relationships.

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