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Graham speaks at the Trigger Your Happy Conference

trigger your happy event flyer

Graham explains the mechanics of personal evolution and debunks a few popular misconceptions about some familiar concepts like happiness, love, forgiveness, authenticity, power, emotion, and perception.

Graham speaks at trigger your happy event
Monika at trigger your happy

Graham and Monika invited to speak at the Celebration of Women Summit

A celebration of women event flyer
Graham and Monika speak at a celebration of women

Graham & Monika are invited to give the opening speech at the A Celebration of Women Summit. They discussed harmonizing the masculine & feminine, how calling for women’s rights and equality reinforces gender bias and separation and actually dis-empower’s women, using personal power to circumvent gender bias and discrimination, and what it takes to really make a difference in today’s world.

Graham and Monika with Don Miguel Ruiz at the Dialogues of the Heart Event

dialogues of the heart flyer

Monika explains that living from the heart is the path of a warrior. Its about embracing life, abandoning fears and expectations, and being fully present with what is in every moment.

Monika speaks at the Dialogues of the Heart Event
Graham and Monika Burwise with Don Miguel Ruiz and Eva


In search of happiness article

Article on our individual pursuit of happiness and fulfillment by Monika Burwise. Featured in Global Awakening Magazine.

Individual Uniqueness Article

Article on the mechanics of personal growth and how our individual values, priorities and interests shape our perception of reality and direct our unique expression of human nature by Graham Burwise. Featured in My Health and Beauty Magazine.

Discover the hidden dimensions of yourself with Knock Knock, the eBook.

Monika's eBook available on Amazon

Knock-Knock is a powerful story of self-discovery in which years of searching lead a discouraged businesswoman into a fascinating conversation with her innermost Self, and documents her rediscovery of what is truly important in life, how to make sense of her most challenging life experiences, and where to find lasting happiness and fulfillment. During the course of this exchange a series of parables guide our heroine to look beyond the facade of everyday life. By accepting and following this inner guidance, she gains clarity of thought and begins to draw upon the infinite power which indwells each and every one of us. This book inspires us to question our beliefs and the societal conditioning which led to those beliefs. It challenges us to open ourselves to our true inner voice and the immense potential that it heralds.

E-Book available on Amazon. Click here

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