Relationship Wizardry™ for Couples Master Class Series


Transform Your Relationship.

Build Lasting Love and Happiness.

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Relationship Wizardry™ for Couples Master Class Series


Transform Your Relationship.

Build Lasting Love and Happiness.

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Relationship Wizardry™

Resolves Conflict, Dissolves Resentment and Regenerates Trust and Respect

Are you yearning to regain the excitement in your relationship and deepen your connection? Do you want to just resolve the conflict and dissolve all the resentment that has soured your relationship?

Venture beyond the ordinary on an enlightening journey to where love meets wisdom, unlocking extraordinary relationship experiences with the Relationship Wizardry for Couples Master Class Series presented by human behavior and relationship specialists Monika and Graham Burwise.

15 Transformational Master Class Modules

Price per Couple: $999.00

Time: Sundays at @ 2pm EST

Starting Date:  Sunday 16 June 2024

Experience the ultimate in relationship repair and rebuilding with our weekly Master Class Modules. Take advantage of the processes and tools to rebuild a loving connection and maintain a deep and lasting relationship.

Register before April 15 2024 and get a free early bird bonus package worth $199.

Relationship Wizardry for Couples

Over the course of 15 transformative master classes of 1hr+, Monika and Graham will guide you through the maze of love and romantic partnership challenges. Rediscover the foundation of your love and your respect for each other. Learn how to regain your partner’s admiration and trust. This master class is not just a relationship building course, it’s a truly life-changing experience!

What to expect...

• Rediscover Love & Respect

• Revive Connection & Closeness

• Renew Trust & Intimacy

• Resolve Conflicts

• Neutralize Resentment

• Forgive and Move Forward

• Redefine Healthy Expectations

• Recreate a Shared Vision

• Reinvent Your Relationship

Whether you need help navigating a minor difficulty or facing significant challenges, this master class series is your gateway to a healthier, happier, and more harmonious relationship. Join Monika and Graham Burwise in Relationship Wizardry Master Class Series for Couples and embark on a transformative journey that will redefine the way you love and live together.

How Can Relationship Wizardry™ Help You?

Has your relationship become stagnant? Relationship Wizardry provides you with a foolproof method to ignite new interest and passion!

Have you tried everything you can think of, but your relationship is still struggling? Relationship Wizardry teaches you how to turn it around to make it fun and rewarding again!

Have you built up so much resentment that you fight about every little thing? Relationship Wizardry gives you the tools you need to let it all go and rebuild your trust and respect.

Has the love of your life turned out to be your greatest trigger, frustration or disappointment? Relationship Wizardry includes little known secrets that will shift the dynamic so that you can fall in love with your partner all over again!

Has your fairy-tale relationship quite literally become a nightmare? Relationship Wizardry gives you the tools to make your relationship magical again!

Reviews from past Relationship Classes

It’s always far more painful to ignore your challenges than it is to face and resolve them immediately. Don’t Delay! Enroll now to get the help you need to transform your relationship.