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Primary Development - Finding Harmony and Balance, and Learning to truly Love Yourself

The things we experience in life are not random. We have these experiences because they are exactly what we need in order to learn the next “great and empowering truth" about ourselves. Each of these great truths provide an opportunity for us to further empower ourselves, which allows us greater access to fulfillment, peace, joy and love.
We experience challenges in the areas of life in which we are disempowered, the more extreme the disempowerment the more severe the challenges. Erroneous myths, fantasies, illusions and beliefs are always the underlying cause of disempowerment. When we cling to erroneous underlying beliefs, and are unwilling to update or replace them, we get stuck in cyclic patterns of behavior and circumstances because we are resistant to the wisdom embedded in them.

Secondary Development - Exploring Consciousness and Discovering More Profound States of Being

Discovering authentic freedom and the true nature of our being unlocks deep within us the inherent peace, joy , harmony and love that every human being ulimately seeks.

Waiting for the "right circumstances" before you TAKE ACTION to transform your life IS A DISTRACTION !
There will always be distractions, and you could end up waiting a heck of a long time, only to realize
that you wasted loads of time and fantastic opportunities, while the only real obstacle was you.

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You can save yourself time and effort integrating what we learned from years of personal experience

Over the past two decades we have focused on demystifying the mechanics of challenge and growth, and distilling out the most fundamental universal laws and principles governing human life and interaction. Our goal is to create a simplified body of wisdom that is practically applicable in everyday life.
As it turns out, life is a continuous process of growth and development, and we very seldom grow without experiencing some kind of challenge because we are taught to resist that change.
What we have ultimately discovered is that, as human beings, our attitude towards challenge is a dominant factor in determining our level of enjoyment and success in life. One way to look at it is that when we are flexible (in our patterns, beliefs and behavior) we adapt to changes and challenges more easily than when we are rigid and inflexible. Simply put, most suffering is the result of the inner conflict between our innate desire for growth and our resistance to change.

Our individual core relationships define how we perceive ourselves and how we live our lives. Our 5 internal core relationships ( Love, Coherence/Integration, Meaning, Purpose, Power ), which are essentially our relationships with the various aspects of ourselves, greatly influence our 7 external core relationships, ( Health & Wellbeing, Knowledge & Wisdom, Spirituality & Evolution, Family & Relationships, Connection & Influence, Wealth & Finances, Vocation & Business ) which define how we relate and interact with the world around us. Over the past two decades we have learned that going back to the core is the most effective way to permanently transform ourselves and to create lasting change in our lives.
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Monika was recently interviewd by Deb Scott for her Best People We Know Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.

Listen to Monika's top rated radio interview here...

We recently interviewed one of Monika's mentors, Don Miguel Ruiz, the world renown spiritual thought leader, Toltec wisdom teacher, and author of "The Four Agreements"

Don Miguel Ruiz

Listen to the
interview here

Monika has been a student and aprentice of Don Miguel Ruiz for some time. Don't miss this transformative intimate chat.

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Graham & Monika Burwise have taught thousands of people from all walks of life
Access Authentic Power
and Live more Meaningful and Fulfilling Lives.
Expand Your Awareness, Connect with Your Authentic Self, Understand and Align with your
Inner Drives & Motivations, and Empower Your Relationships with the Outside World.

• Identify and Replace Disempowering Limiting Beliefs.
Yes we all have erroneous beliefs that obstruct and derail our plans, but we will teach you how to let go of and replace the beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you. Its not as difficult as you might think when you know how.
• Transform Your Challenges into Empowering Wisdom and Opportunities.
Just understanding the value and mechanics of challenge in our growth process is half the battle won! And we'll also show you how to use challenge to your advantage which effectively takes care of the rest.
• Gain Access to Your Inherent Authentic Power.
Authentic Power is not as mysterious and elusive as some would have you believe, its pretty simple once you understand what it actually is and how to allow yourself to express it.
When you master Your own Authentic Power you will attract the support and admiration of those around you.
Shape Your Life the way You Imagine it could be.
There are some very basic, but little understood principles that will give you the Power to create your life exactly how you imagine it could be. Many of those who succeed in certain areas of life have used them without even realizing it. We'll expose these relatively unknown principles and help you to implement them. Watch your life transform before your eyes when you harness these powerful principles.

Mastering the Art of Relationships

Step beyond the challenges and obstacles to experience and enjoy your relationship in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

In the video interview we discuss some of the mechanics and dynamics of intimate relationships.

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in this article on our BLOG:

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Solving Relationship Issues

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  Our Journey in a Nutshell...

The Global Awakening Institute was founded by Monika & Graham Burwise as a platform to share their synergy of practical experience, scientific knowledge and profound spiritual wisdom accumulated during more than four decades of combined research and exploration, studying with many leaders in their respective fields and spiritual masters & teachers from around the globe.

Our desire to understand the mind and consciousness, the mechanics of human development, our true human potential and the underlying universal laws and principles which govern human existence has lead us through a diverse range of disciplines including human behavior, social dynamics, psychology, linguistics, bio & neurochemistry, physiology, noetics, philosophy, mythology, theology, spirituality, mysticism, the mind & consciousness, metaphysics, cosmology, cymatics, quantum physics, electrodynamics, quantum computing and information processing theory.

Our mission of achieving an in-depth understanding, at some point began to include sharing what we had learned with others, and so began our journey as speakers and teachers. We continually incorporate the latest research and discoveries relating to understanding human development to keep our methodologies at the cutting edge of the industry. 


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