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Personal Growth & Development Workshops

Master the Art of Relationships Bootcamp

Living Inside-Out Personal Growth Workshop

Access Your Authentic Power Workshop

Accelerate Your Growth Teleclass

Gear Yourself for Incredible Success

The Cosmic Connection Workshop

Reiki Healing Level 1 Training

Reiki Healing Level 2 Training

Reiki Healing Level 3 Teachers Training

mastering the art of relationships logo

Master the Art of Relationships
The Ultimate Relationship Bootcamp Workshop on Finding & Keeping Love

Open Your Heart and Mind to a Whole New Experience of Love
Unlock the Power of Love Within and watch it Powerfully
Transform Your Life and Relationships

Join us for this 2-Day Workshop25th & 26th February 2012
at the Penthouse Function Room, 2727 Yonge St, Toronto, 9:30am - 5pm

Coming Soon...
May 2012
Coming Soon...

The Most Powerful Relationship Mastery Technology Available

Warning! This workshop will Transform Your Life and Relationships!

eautifully Simple Synergy of Timeless Spiritual Wisdom and the most up-to-date understanding of Human Dynamics and the Fundamental Universal Laws & Principles which govern our lives & Relationships, offering a Profound new Experience of Love, a Vastly Expanded ability to Communicate Authentically & Effectively, and a Deeply Satisfying Appreciation for Life.

Because our relationships with others are an extension of our relationship with ourselves, the workshop includes in-depth self exploration and discovery, as well as practical tools and techniques to balance and empower your inner relationship with yourself. This has profound and far reaching effects well beyond the scope of relationships and will positively affect many areas of your life.

Your Hosts: Graham & Monika Burwise
Having researched, explored and taught human dynamics, spiritual development and personal empowerment for over 20 years, Graham & Monika are uniquely able to share their experience and wisdom with profound clarity and expert precision, allowing you to immediately begin applying it in your own life to create powerful shifts in consciousness and positive transformation in all areas of your life.

Graham & Monika's eclectic training in diverse fields include philosophy, psychology, mysticism, quantum mechanics, systems theory, information processing theory, quantum computing, business development & communications, etc. Some of their teachers have included Osho, Sant Thakar Singh, Paramahansa Yogananda, Don Miguel Ruiz, Carolyn Myss, Jim Garrison, Dr John Demartini, Marcia Martin, and others.


View a Testimonial Video from a recent attendee


living inside out logo

Living Inside-Out Workshop
(Intermediate Level Personal Development)
Get beyond your current boundaries and limits to discover the
ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

Know yourself at a deeper level. Discover your Unique Genius and Personal Power.
This workshop offers amazing empowerment through an indepth understanding of the mechanics of human development, exposing your underlying drives & motivations, and exploring the relationship between your beliefs, behaviors, self-worth and sense of fulfillment.

  Coming Soon...

Are you…

• Working hard but the results are not satisfying?
• Experiencing chaos, frustration or anxiety in some areas of your life?
• Struggling to move beyond your current limits, challenges or obstacles?
• Feeling directionless, uninspired and unmotivated?
• Ready to attract more money, abundance and prosperity?
• Seeking more fulfilling love relationships?
• Ready to discover the courage to pursue your wildest dreams?
• Repeating the same unhealthy patterns in your life or relationships?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions the “LIVING INSIDE OUT” workshop is for you!

Transform your life from ‘The Inside Out’.

This unique weekend workshop will shift you beyond your current limits to find clarity, inspiration and deeper wisdom. It is designed to
help you transcend whatever is holding you back and move forward with powerful momentum, new vision and inspiring purpose.
This is advanced training for anyone who wants to unleash the unstoppable power of clarity and purpose within.

What can You expect ?
• A simple method to remove the inner conflicts limiting your growth & distracting you from creating the life you desire.
• A confidence and self-esteem that is impervious to the opinion of others.
• A better understanding of your personality, motivations, values, and skills.
• A clear understanding of how willingness to change accelerates growth.
• A strategy for extracting more joy out of every moment.
• A clear vision aligned with your values and inspired purpose.
• The motivation and drive to take the steps for making your ideal life a reality.
And much more!

Content and format of the workshop.
This exciting highly interactive workshop will guide you through exercises that will allow you to recognize and transcend the obstacles that
are holding you back, assisting you to look within to discover your inherent inner power to freely move forward with the life you desire.
You will also discover:
• The fundamental universal Laws that govern all dynamics of human existence
• Who you really believe you are and how your beliefs create your reality
• How your subconscious beliefs dictate how you perceive your reality
• Ways to transform negative thoughts into positive beliefs
• Simple steps for a happier, simpler and more productive life
• How to get twice the results with half the effort

  Don't hate yourself tomorrow, TAKE ACTION today !
If you’re ready to live your dream then “LIVING INSIDE OUT” is for you.
"Successful people are willing to do what others will not."

Waiting for the "right" circumstances before you TAKE ACTION to transform your life IS A TRAP !
There will always be distractions, and you could end up waiting a heck of a long time, only to realize that you wasted loads of time and fantastic opportunities, while the only real obstacle was you.
access Your Power logo

Access Your Power Workshop
(Advanced Level Personal Development)
Discover Your Innate Access to Wisdom, Enlightenment,
Authentic Power, Inner Peace and Unconditional Love.

Connect with Your Higher Self and true Universal Abundance.

This workshop will transport you beyond the confines of everyday reality to experience states of hightened awareness and profound clarity. Learn how to tap into your inner guidance, inspiration and joy.

  Coming Soon...
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